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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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losing my rights or my people's rights, my democratic rights, this will not happen. they have the publicly funded properly for $200 million in five years. the safeway got their land at $5 per square foot. this is not just the legislation, because there are underlying issues here. i ask the supervisors to give the stakeholders -- get them involved in the negotiations, and not just individuals who don't know if they are coming or going. >> are there other members of the public who wish to speak on this item? at this time we're going to continue the hearing to october
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18. >> to reinforce, i think the feeling in the room, this is what i warned about. most of these are on the track of 10-15 years and i put this on the track of five. we have the governance by redevelopment, who were just including their 45-year reign in the film more in japan town. the city was not equipped to deal with the conversion of a community that had been developed with redevelopment policy, and despite what the redevelopment may have thought that they were doing to better the exit, there was still not an efficient exit plan, when the redevelopment jurisdiction on land use, in the merchant
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corridor, the terminated in 2009. i predicted that there would be concerns and i put this on a five-year renewal. i am is still not satisfied, even by great efforts in the community to make this the more of a collaborative medium and large businesses. but when i detect that the largest businesses benefited from the redevelopment capital, that are not paying their fair share, this does of firm the arguments of myself and others, where they have too much influence and not being the continuation of a collaborative process. i appreciate your indulgence,
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unless these conditions are made clear, it is tough for me to endorse this. but open-minded to hoping that the negotiations lead to a different result. what you hear is a continued ventilation that has been ongoing for many years, but it should not go unnoticed that this percolation that has been going on for many years has just manifest itself in another discussion. if i did not detect that there will be -- proper resolution to this argument, in questioning the renewal by the 18th, i will send this back to committee, so this will not occupy any more time on the board by itself. i think the stakeholders in this
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discussion -- they have a tough decision to ensure this from redevelopment. this did require that like a military base -- as this is exited, this requires a closure plan on that level of knowledge. there should be a closure plan relative to the impact of the two generations and that plan, this by the demands that this should be in place, this was not in place to the extent that it should have been. this was an agent that could make up for all of those years. we do need to see the economic development and vitality and they have all the merits of being that one creature, but not that one creature alone. >> thank you, we have a motion
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to hold the hearing opened, and continue these items to october 18, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. so that the difference stakeholders' including the business and property owners can work on a possible management district plan. is there a second of the motion? colleagues, can we continue this without objection? that should be the case. we don't have any 3:30 special orders, and the 4:special orders will be continued. if there are members of the public who wish to speak to that, they can do this at 4:00 p.m.. can we do the roll call for introductions. >> supervisor? >> thank you very much.
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colleagues, i want to come back to an item that we spent a great deal of time talking about in the last few weeks. this is the legislation that i introduced a few months ago to close a loophole in assisting the health care security ordnance. as many of you know, there exists a loophole allows certain businesses to charge consumers in the city and county of san francisco money to provide health care for their workers by way of helping with reimbursement accounts. the loophole allows the businesses to collect that money but we have found out from the office of labor enforcement standards at 80% of that money, collected from consumers, most of this is not expanded on the health care of workers.
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we have gone through an extensive process of deliberation, hearing the matter at the small business commission and the health commission here in the city and county of san francisco. the matter has come before the board. and based on that input, and comments from a number of individuals including members of the business community and workers and members of the board, myself and a number of sponsors have a revised version of this legislation to provide modifications that make the legislation be consistent with the current practice that the health the san francisco program follows, and as revised, the legislation will require that these accounts remain open, not indefinitely but for up to 18
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months, but if an account is not active following this time, along the lines of how the health the san francisco program works, the account will be closed. this is consistent with the feedback that we have received from members of the business community and the health commission, in supporting this legislation, to underscore the importance of making certain that the practice that the legislation puts forward is the practice the city currently follows with healthy san francisco. i would like to thank my colleagues, who have signed on as the co-sponsors of this legislation, i want to thank you for your support as well as eric maurer, supervisor of a los, and mercury me. a lot has been said about this
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legislation, but the one thing that is clear in the last few weeks since we introduced this is the importance to close this loophole. what we have found speaking to so many people of san francisco is that they understand the importance of health care, that something that is so basic to the lives of all people, and we are proud of the fact that we have led the way on this issue, and closing this loophole is important to make certain that we can have meaningful, universal health care. the matter has been heard before and we're asking that the 30-day rule be waived, and depending on the schedule of the different committees, we ask for them to be given to the government oversight committee. depending on the time line,
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would be better in terms of expediting this legislation. i don't know if my co-sponsors would add anything. and i want to thank all the members of the board who have added their thoughts and comments on this very important issue. i would like to thank our labour partners and the many businesses that have shared with us the importance of leveling the playing field so that all the businesses can not only comply with the letter but also the spirit of the original legislation. and the rest i submit. >> colleagues, i have two items. the first is a resolution for more pilot projects downtown, including the diversion of private automobiles to increase
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travel. every weekday, 200,000 people on market street, 200,000 experience this on foot. i believe a vision for the future of market street is a world-class avenue that draws their success from a number of people that they attract through transit and taxis, without private automobiles save for delivery vehicles. since 2009, a series of trials have directed that the traffic through lead to reduced traffic and greater safety. 80% of the traffic is not a involved travelling on it. this would improve the safety of pedestrians, and the
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automobile diversions -- one possible pilot could be the extension of the lanes on market street. this will be repaved in 2015, and they are working on a real imagines street design. we need to have more pilots, now. i respect the role of the mass transit authority to look at how this could work, but now's the time to celebrate the efforts to improve market street. i am also introducing a number of pieces of legislation, and if you'll remember 2009, we asked the voters of san francisco to pass proposition 8, which has led to a budget reform. and we have the budget realignment that we will experience in a few months, as well as financial planning to establish a new process through
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which we could consider financial policies. we passed a number of financial policies to increase our cash reserves, and this year we introduced for pieces of legislation and i want to thank mayor lee, and i want to thank the controller and his staff for all the work that they have done. the supervisor will be speaking about a fourth piece of information about the policy that i support. the three pieces i will be introducing will be for financial policies related to the limiting of the use of non- recurring revenue for the operating expenses, and the enterprise agencies to enter into the fixed budget cycle and streamlining the financial process. i think this is part of a package, which is part of a
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process to reform the budget process and continue to make certain the structural budget deficits is under control. >> thank you. i just have one item. this is a resolution that transcends the life of someone who, after i read to you the impact he has had on me and people that i know, and supervisor avalos could also. peter berg was a visionary activist, analyzing all aspects of human species interactions, participating early in civil rights movement. this was an earlier founding, in
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san francisco. they continued as a director for 38 years. rehabing a separate country, going to northern california -- and the publication that actually went further for the creation of the department of the environment. the green city program, this proclaims this day peter berg day, in a celebration of his
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life. the first environmental commission was started, and i was here with the first generation. this is one of the early works that helps to create the commission on the environment. >> colleagues, i have two items. the first as a resolution authorizing the mass transit authority to look into the early termination agreements. this is something we have to discuss -- this will be done at zero cost to the city of san francisco and they will head off the very expensive consequences if the stay in place.
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the investors involved in these transactions, as we are all painfully aware, we have gone through two financial crises. if the ratings slip, we will be forced to answer into a much more expensive contract to early terminate the agreements. these are the dire financial consequences. introducing the ordinance along with the comptroller's office, i want to thank the director, along with the co-sponsors, earlier this year, i had called for a hearing on the use of participation here on city hall. i was surprised because we had nearly $1 billion in non-voters approved debt on the books.
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and also the fact these are used at times and have been in the past four ongoing -- we have been in discussions with the comptroller's office about how to reduce this for city hall with the legislation today. cops will not be allowed to finance operating costs with the city of san francisco. this will finance the improvement thereof. and this formalizes the prior statements, with the revenue bond debt, used for capital purposes. this is for the discretionary general fund revenues. we have taken great strides with what president chiu has brought
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forward today. this will continue to the next few years. this is another great step in that direction. >> they are completing the first name of the demolition. this was by july of this past summer. most of these hours were held by women and people of color. i want to congratulate trans bay for this, because there were zero accidents.
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with the executive director -- the men and women, and the mayor address to this. and we will be speaking in public comments. they have been in litigation for the last few years. now the litigation is included, the fire marshal and others and we are trying to see what we can do. we will be coordinating the meetings.
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i am proud to be a co-sponsor of the health care ordnance. i am -- we talk about the equity and the job creation. with the jobs we are expecting to create over the next few years, this legislation will affect less than 3% of the jobs. constituents come every day, looking for jobs and housing, i think is important that we create jobs. that we pay living wages and provide health care. i am proud to support this legislation again. lastly, i want to end in memorial to leroy looper, who
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passed away on september 11, 2011. he was an active activist in the tenderloin. he brought the cadillac hotel, which many of us are familiar with and was of the first individuals to invest in the single room occupancy buildings, to give people a second chance in san francisco. when many people were convicted that depended on the source of housing, as low-income housing, the cadillac hotel is now considered a landmark in the city of san francisco. every second friday, if you have not gone, they have jazz bands that play during lunch time. leroy was a leader and a visionary and an activist,
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believing in bringing the communities together, and he fought for the tenderloin to preserve low-income housing, when many other people were not on the boat yet. he did this by purchasing the cap -- cadillac hotel and proving that this could be done. soon after he successfully renovated this into the most prized property in the building, he began to host an annual party, and he felt the tenderloin needed the of -- the support and attention of the city and other activists. he valued these buildings as giant structures worthy of historic preservation as many buildings were being demolished. and he understood the value of giving people a second chance.
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he was a former heroin addict and alcoholic, and dedicated his life to giving a second chance to others to rehabilitate. his family has requested that donations in his honor be mailed it to the cadillac. the moran is being co-sponsored by supervisor cohen. the memorial service will be held in his honor on october 5 beginning at 5:00 p.m.. the office since our condolences to his family and the community that loved and appreciated his leadership and active as and so much. >> thank you, supervisor jim. -- kim supervisor weiner: i want to apologize in advance.
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my introduction this week will go viral. i do want to knowledge my colleague for being kind enough to place an actinomycetes before i got here. i have offered to provide him with a customized tell if you would like to come hang out with the guys. but on to more serious matters, i have very tragic in more atoms today. over the last month, two residents of the castro tribal neighborhoods were taken from us prematurely, in pedestrian fatalities.
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on august 19, emily done, a young woman who had recently moved to san francisco was struck and killed in a crosswalk, apparently, at 18th and harvard. this is a very tragic situation, causing a lot of grief in the neighborhood. and then, just last tuesday, william cox, residents of the triangle was struck and killed by a vehicle at 14th. these fatalities remind us yet again, that our city is not where it needs to be in terms of pedestrian safety. we have so much work to do with physical changes to different
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intersections, to increase the visibility and make this a safer place for pedestrians in terms of traffic enforcement, to making certain that people are able to get around this city, safely. i am continuing to work with residents of the triangle and the mass transit authority, because the neighborhood has a lot of pedestrian challenges. 14th street is not a good streak for pedestrians. market is one of the worst intersections in the city, and fortunately we are doing some pedestrian safety work and i look forward to continuing to work on those issues, but i would request that we adjourn in memory of these tragic victims. >> supervisor cohen? supervisor cohen: i just got
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word that eloise westbrook, a matriarch of the african- american community passed away at 3:30 this morning, and i wanted to ask that we close in her memory. she is a legacy -- to leave a legacy of hard work with her tireless commitment to not just the african-american community but all of san francisco. it is introducing a hearing requested on the cleanup strategy, for hunters point shipyard. as you know, last year, -- last year, when the board of supervisors approved this development plan -- they
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memorialize to their concerns about the final cleanup strategy in the project legislation. as a city, we have a stake in making certain that the cleanup and the revenue collected is protective of public health and the environment. the navy has released its proposed plans for public comment and in being consistent with these priorities bias to this hearing being -- be conducted before the board so the community has a chance to learn from the navy and the regulatory agencies about the proposed clean-up strategies, and the rest, i submit. >> thank you. >> in response to


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